Medium Chili Peppers

For those willing to push the limits, there are many different types of  medium heat peppers. Rich in color as they are in spice, try any of these peppers that range from 0 to up to 12,000 scovilles.

Aleppo Chili Pepper     

Origin: Aleppo, Syria

Color: Red

Use: Dried and crushed

Scoville: 10,000

Hot Fact: This is a great alternative to cumin or paprika to spice up your taste buds.

Chipotle Chili Pepper

Origin: Veracruz, Mexico

Color: Starts off as a dried Jalapeño but is then dried (red)

Use: Whole pods, ground in adobo, plucked, smoked.

Scoville: 2,500-8,000

Hot Fact:  Chipotles are just dried Jalepeno peppers.

Fresno Pepper

Origin: Fresno, California

Color: Green to Red as they grow.

Use: Ceviche and salsa

Scoville: 2500-10,000

Hot Fact: As these peppers age, they only become hotter.

Hungarian Wax

Origin: Hungary

Color: Yellow

Use: Mole sauce, salads, soups, and popular Latin dishes.

Scoville: 5,000-15,000

Hot Fact: With such a wide range on the heat scale, there’s no telling how hot this pepper may be.


Origin: Mexico

Color: Green at youth, Red when mature

Use: Anything – from soups to sauces to even lemonade or margaritas!

Scoville: 2500 – 8,000

Hot Fact: Of all the chili types Mexico produces, Jalepenos make up 30%.

Morita Pepper

Origin: Mexico

Color: Dark Red

Use: soups, sauces, barbeque meats, and salsa.

Scoville: 2500-8000

Hot Fact: This pepper is smoked for a short period of time, giving it a bigger and more distinct flavor.

Paprika Kalocsa

Origin: Hungary

Color: Red

Use: dried for seasoning, stuffed, roasted, or used for sauce.

Scoville: 0-1000

Hot Fact: Hungary is known for these unique peppers, a large part of the country’s agriculture.