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THE GOOD: The good news is that you have certainly found your new #1 celestial sauce authority. Welcome, and enjoy!

THE BAD: The bad news is that some of this sauce might truly agonize your very being, both coming in and on dispensation. But be not distressed, we have the sauce for every cause. From the benign to the wicked.

THE UGLY: Did we mention the mischievously nasty wicked side of things yet? Yes, we did just above. Have the spunk? Go ugly now.


Pickapepper – A Perfect blend of mango’s, kane sugar, onions, garlic, sea salt, ginger and vinegar give this hot sauce it’s unique Caribbean vibe.

The flavor rolls through your senses like a Jamaican baby relaxing on the island while she listens to the water crash nearby. This one is all about the flavor and a little less about the heat.


Texas Pete’s – We vote Texas Pete’s as the most versatile hot sauce that every one should have in their kitchen. Texas Pete’s has just the right amount of kick while being abundant in flavor.

It is the table wine of hot sauces. If you have never tried Texas Pete’s, you need to do yourself a favor and get some in your cupboard right away !


Lingham’s Original Garlic Chilli Sauce – OK, lets make believe that you know absolutely nothing about hot sauce and you wanted the best sweet tasting one for ribs or pork chops.

All we can say to you is Lingham’s. Lingham’s, Lingham’s, Lingham’s. Just trust us on this one! This should be illegal in some states. It’s that good. Maybe it is? We are not sure. End of review.

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What’s your poison? From the sweetest sauce to skin crawling, paint-peeling peppers, the world of hot sauce is extremely diverse. From natures own to hybrid creations, there are so many peppers,sauces, and salsas to choose from. Mild, medium, or hot? The choice is yours.


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Mild sauces, peppers, and the like are known to range from 0 to 3,000 scovilles. From the sweetest Italian peppers to the sauces and spices of South America, you’re in for a fun journey of the senses. 


If you want to challenge yourself to something a little hotter, try medium sauces and spices for to tense your tongue. From popular peppers to lesser known spices,choose from any of these medium salsas, spices, and peppers.


Can you take the heat? Get in the kitchen for an adventure your taste buds may not survive. With hot peppers, sauces, and salsas for any occasion, test your tongue to the limits. These blood curdling, brain steaming, eye burning ingedients are sure to be a challenge for even the most extreme hot sauce lover.

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